2007: Macbeth


    In Macbeth history is depicted as a kind of nightmare. (...) As a mechanism, it fascinates by its very terror and inevitability. The nightmare paralyses and terrifies. In Macbeth history, as well as crime, is shown through personal experience. Crime is committed on a personal responsibility and has to be executed with one's own hands. History in Macbeth is confusing the way nightmares are; and, as in a nightmare, everyone is enveloped by it. (...) One wades through nightmare, which gradually rises up to one's throat."I am in blood. Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er"  History in Macbeth is sticky and thick like a brew or blood. (...) Everyone in this play is steeped in blood; victims as well as murderers. The whole world is stained with blood. (...) Blood in Macbeth is not just a metaphor; it is real blood flowing out of murdered bodies. It leaves its stains on hands and faces, on daggers and swords. (...) But this blood cannot be washed off hands and faces. Macbeth begins and ends with slaughter. There is more and more blood, everyone walks in it; it floods the stage. A production of Macbeth not evoking a picture of the world flooded withblood would inevitably be false.
    Jan Kott, Makbet albo zarażeni śmiercią

    Premiered: May 19th, 2005, Waryński Hall, ul. Kolejowa
    Running time: 90 min (no intermission)



    • Aleksandra Konieczna
    • Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik
    • Danuta Stenka
    • Cezary Kosiński
    • Tomasz Tyndyk
    • Jacek Poniedziałek
    • Roman Gancarczyk
    • Waldemar Kownacki
    • Mirosław Zbrojewicz
    • Michał Żurawski
    • Piotr Głowacki
    • Sebastian Pawlak
    • Eryk Lubos
    • Hubert Zduniak
    • Jan Dravnel
    • Christian Emany
    • Janusz Chabior
    • Tomasz Karolak
    • Piotr Rogucki
    • Agnieszka Podsiadlik


    • Stanisław Barańczaktranslation
    • Stephanie Nelsonset design and costumes
    • Agnieszka Zawadowskaset design and costumes
    • Abel Korzeniowski / Jacek Grudzień / Piotr Domińskimusic
    • Jacqueline Sobiszewskilighting
    • Neurotic Groupvideo
    • Agnieszka Tuszyńskadramaturgy
    • Bartek Maciasprojections
    • Michał Stanisławski / Mirosław Oknińskifight arrangement
    • Maciej Polmagic effects
    • Piotr Krzyczmonikpyrotechnic effects
    • Paweł Kulkadirector's assistant
    • Olga Mokrzyckaset design assistant

    „The production dazzles with a vision of the world where the war against terrorism converts into a war human beings fight against themselves and against one another. I wish generals read Shakespeare more often”. 
    Roman Pawłowski, GAZETA WYBORCZA

    “The scale of the set – like a Beirut or Baghdad urban fortress on three floors – is so impressive that, in many ways, Grzegorz Jarzyna’s production ceases to be live theatre, and becomes a kind of IMAX installation experience”.
    Joyce McMillan, THE SCOTSMAN

    „Such liberties make for a vividly contemporary Macbeth. In Jarzyna's hands, Macbeth's themes of power and corrupted ambition become even more prominent.”


    Lowland Hall, Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland (11-18.08.2012)
    St. Ann's Warehouse, New York (17-23.06, 25-29.06.2008)

    Distinction in the Theatrum Gedanense Foundation’s competition for the best adaptation of Shakespeare’s dramas in Poland in season 2004/2005



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