• upcoming performances: January 18th-21st, 2018 / English subtitles on January 18th, 2018

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Lidka, a middle school student in Warsaw, seeks answers in the Bible to pressing questions about her identity and the meaning of life. Her father is concerned because of sudden changes in her behavior and interests. Her teachers and peers are no longer able to understand her. However, for Lidka, the opinions of others do not count. There is one goal and one truth for which everything else must be sacrificed.
Grzegorz Jarzyna’s play attempts to analyze the mechanisms underlying the fanaticism confronting the modern world. This is a dramatic story of people who are willing to pay the highest price for the values that they believe in. Where does this type of determination come from? What is the source of religious and political extremism? What is faith for modern Man? What is the place of faith within the liberal system? What is it that modern Europe fears? What is it that we fear?

LIDKA: Other religions have soldiers for the faith; martyrs who do not hesitate to die for their false gods. What about us? Who amongst us is capable of dying for our faith? Everyone believes that we need to talk and seek compromise, that the Sermon on the Mount is about toleration, that people should have not two, but one thousand cheeks, ready to turn one aſter the other into eternity. You think this way because you do not read the Book. The Lord says “Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword.” (Matthew 10,34)… This is why it is not about just being nice to people and going along to get along believing in this or that faith.

Performance is staged in ATM Studio (384 Wał Miedzeszyński Street, Warsaw)

Premiered: March 14th, 2015
Running time: 2 h (no intermission)

70 zł (regular)
30 zł (reduced)
20 zł (last-minute)



  • Grzegorz Jarzynadirecting, adaptation and music adaptation
  • Elżbieta Ogrodowska-Jesionektranslation
  • Monika Pormale (Latvia)set design
  • Anna Nykowskacostumes
  • Robert Mleczkovideo
  • Felice Ross (Israel)lighting design
  • Michał Lis, Piotr Lismusic
  • Piotr Domińskimusic adaptation
  • Roman Pawłowskidramaturgy
  • Paweł Kulkadirector's assistant