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    I confronted generations: languages,  ways of thinking and functioning, different every day realities in order to bring out the discord, the non-existence of someone who could be described as ”the statistical Pole”, the lack of a platform on which all this could meet and  could be described by the word  “we”. Everything in the play is rather gruesome and exaggerated but it seems to me that for the first time I actually say something potentially good. I certainly do not express a direct positive message, but this is my first  text in which I did not write: “Oh, what an awful country we live in, how drab!” On the contrary, this is my affirmation of being a Pole and Polishness , which is at present totally sneered at, has mud slung at it and is treated, at least in my generation, as a flaw, as  a slap in the face from  fate.
    Dorota Masłowska interviewed by DZIENNIK

    Performance takes place in ATM Studio, ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 384, Warsaw

    Opening night: March 26th, 2009, Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin
    Running time: 1 hour 40 min (no intermission)

    In cooperation with the programme Warsaw – European Capital of Culture 2016.
    Co-produced by TR Warszawa and Schaubühneam Lehniner Platz. 




    • Magdalena Maciejewskaset design
    • Jacqueline Sobiszewskilighting design
    • Piotr Domiński / Grzegorz Jarzynamusic adaptation
    • Cókierek / Pani

    „Masłowska is extremely gifted at imitating authentic people and their beliefs and she perfectly renders in her play the kind of language spoken by different generations and social environments. She moves to a tenement house in Warsaw, which nearly falls apart, representatives of various sides to the Polish society, both picturesque and morbid, which, exaggerated to no end, represent various layers of collective decay, the way that makes laughter stay in the back of your throat.”
    Andreas Schäfer, TAGESSPIEGEL

    „Jarzyna has managed to reflect the very soul of the play as well as its surrealistic core: he approaches the drama not only from the witty perspective, but also makes it shine as a tragicomic, unrealistic farce. Three screens, pinging music, animated accessories and ironic acting let the production oscillate between joke and seriousness in a beautifully ambiguous way.” 

    „Cause in the actors’ mouth, Masłowska’s sentences can get the meaning they should have, the stage deepens the outlook. This is what Grzegorz Jarzyna’s adaptation’s premiere really means. (…) Jarzyna has provided it with a nearly perfect scenic shape.”
    Jacek Wakar, DZIENNIK


    festCo Comedy Festival, Bucharest (27.05.2018)
    „Raduga” International Festival, Sankt Petersburg (24.05.2013)
    Sibiu International Festival, Teatru National „RaduStanca”, Romania (25.05.2012)
    46th Polish Small Forms Theatre Festival „Counter-Point”, Szczecin (11.04.2011)
    20th International Theatre Festival „ Divadelna Nitra” (23.09.2011)
    16th „Theatre Confrontations” Festival, Lublin (18-19.10.2011)
    International Art Theatre Forum „TEART", Minsk (25-26.10.2011)
    Una Mirade del Mundo Festival, Madrid (4,5,6.11.2011)
    BOZAR, Brussels (3-4.12.2011)
    „Golden Mask” Festival, Moscow (02.04.2010)
    50th Kalisz Theatre Meetings – Acting Art Festival (8.05.2010)
    3rd Coast of Art Festival, Gdańsk (28-29.06.2010)
    Stage - Helsinki Theatre Festival (19-20.08.2010)
    2nd International Theatre Festival „Divine Comedy”, Krakow (11-12.12.2009)
    Prapremieres Festival, Bydgoszcz (5.10.2009)
    5th International Theatre Festival „Dialog”, Wrocław (10.10.2009)
    “Portrayed Reality” Festival, Zabrze (17.10.2009)
    Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin (26-29.03.2009)


    Konrad Swinarski Award for the best director in season 2008/2009 granted to Grzegorz Jarzyna by the “Teatr” monthly.

    Main prize at the 9th „Portrayed Reality” Contemporary Drama Festival in Zabrze for Grzegorz Jarzyna. 

    Awards for acting at the 9th "Portrayed Reality" Contemporary Drama Festival in Zabrze for Aleksandra Popławska playing Little Metal Girl and Danuta Szaflarska playing Gloomy Old Biddy in a Wheelchair.

    Grand Prix - Audience Award of the 9th "Portrayed Reality" Contemporary Drama Festival in Zabrze.

    Stanisław Bieniasz Medal for Best Playwright of the 9th "Portrayed Reality" Contemporary Drama Festival in Zabrze for Dorota Masłowska.

    Grand Prix for the best performance at the 2nd International Festival Divine Comedy, Kraków - „for an uninhibited outlook on the contemporary Poland: both ironic and deep. The production which reaches the highest heights in terms of directing, acting, conception, set design and consistent adaptation”.

    Special Mention for the text "No Matter How Hard We Tried" for Dorota Masłowska at the 2nd International Festival Divine Comedy, Krakow– „for a smart revelation of double and triple meanings in the existing meanings and unexpected solutions at each and every step”. 

    50th Kalisz Theatre Meetings: Jacek Woszczerowicz Award for Danuta Szaflarska, special mention for acting for Aleksandra Popławska.

    16th Polish Contemporary Drama Contest – collective award for the director and the cast for the best contestant performance.

    16th Polish Contemporary Drama Contest –award for Dorota Masłowska for her script.

    16th Polish Contemporary Drama Contest  - award for Adam Woronowicz’s part. 

    Grand Prix  at the 46th Small Forms Theatre Festival „Counter-Point” in Szczecin.

    Patrons of the theater