The tropical craze


     It’s been a long time since I became so mesmerized by a theatre adaptation. There’s been so much unexpectedness about it… At first, I was surprised that I was watching a play by Witkacy – the world depicted on stage was so different and the people interacted so differently than in so-called “Witkacian” stagings, which have become nearly canonical so far. The script also sounded somewhat different and new. Still it was no one else but Witkacy. What’s more, he was adapted in an overpoweringly intimate way. It might be that through all the stage directions and the Theory of Pure Form, I noticed, almost stealthily, Witkacy – a personal side to him – him and his tropical journeys and him experiencing „sorrow” and weirdness of the tropics.  How is that nobody has found anything like that in those plays before? Concurrently, we reached the end of the 20th century with a feeling of strangeness of existence and narcotic escape into fiction and the fact went almost unnoticed. It reminds me of Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky… The same identity loss and finding oneself totally elsewhere in a primordial rhythm.
    Krystian Lupa, DIDASKALIA

    Premiered: January 18th, 1997
    Last time staged: December 21st, 2005


    • Magdalena Kuta
    • Maria Maj
    • Magdalena Mirek
    • Maja Ostaszewska
    • Grażyna Wolszczak
    • Jolanta Łagodzińska
    • Waldemar Obłoza
    • Janusz Łagodziński
    • Marek Kalita
    • Mariusz Saniternik
    • Wojciech Kalarus
    • Cezary Kosiński
    • Lech Łotocki
    • Rafał Maćkowiak
    • Adam Nawojczyk
    • Adam Marszalik
    • Mirosław Zbrojewicz


    • Grzegorz Horst (Grzegorz Jarzyna)direction
    • Barbara Hanickaset design
    • Bolesław Rawskimusic
    • Piotr Pawliklight


    Theatre des Celestins, Lyon (22 – 26.09.2004)
    Festival d'Avignon, TV version, France (19.07.2002)
    Baltic House Festival, Sankt Petersburg (08.10.2002)
    40th Kalisz Theatre Meetings – TV version  (05.2000)
    5th Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Arts, Łódź (17.01 – 07.02.1999)
    „Witkacjada'99", Contemporary Theatre, Szczecin (18.09.1999)
    Olsztyn Theatre Meetings (21 – 29.03.1998)
    7th International Theatre Festival „Image", Satu Mare, Romania (27-31.05.1998)
    IV Bonner Biennale Festival, Germany (18.06.1998)
    I Festival of Central European Culture, London (21.06 – 12.07.1998)
    Golden Lion Theatre Festival, Lviv (20 – 30.09.1998)
    Old Theatre, Krakow (20-24.10.1998)
    22nd Opole Theatre Confrontations (15-20.04.1997)
    7th International Festival „Divadelna Nitra", Slovakia (25-30.09.1997)
    8th “On the Border” International Theatre Festival in Cieszyn, Czech Republic (16-18.10.1997)
    6th Upper Silesia ChamberFestival, Katowice (11 – 30.11.1997)

    Grand Prix at the 22ndOpole Theatre Confrontations for Grzegorz Jarzyna and award granted to Cezary Kosiński for Sydney Price part, to Barbara Hanicka for set design, distinction for Maja Ostaszewska playing Ellinor Golders and for Bolesław Rawski (music).

    Honorary Broken Barrier for Grzegorz Horst d'Albertis at the 8th „On The Border” International Theatre Festival in Cieszyn.

    Grand Prix at the 7th International Theatre Festival „Image” in Satu Mare, Romania.

    “The Most Pleasant Actor” title granted to Cezary Kosińskiat the 5th Polish Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Arts in Łódź.