Anna Karasińska


  • upcoming performances: season 2018/19

    In The Fantasia Anna Karasinska takes on the themes of imagination and the theatre as birthplace of fiction. How is the contract between the audience on the one hand and authors and actors in a play on the other established? What is required for us to be immersed in the reality of a production? Are there limits to imagination? Are certain things, phenomena or characters inconceivable on the stage?

    The title of the play invokes a type of music composition with few formal constraints and a strong element of improvisation, bringing together various music genres.

    Anna Karasinska debuted in 2015 at TR Warszawa with her acclaimed project Ewelina's Crying, produced as part of the TR Territory programme. This hugely popular short drama examined the possibility of being oneself in the world where identity is constructed from multiple, often contradicting narratives. The Fantasia is Karasinska’s second production at TR Warszawa.

    Premiere: April 9th, 2017



    • Anna Karasińskadirector
    • Magdalena Rydzewska, Jacek Telengadramaturgy
    • Paula Grocholskaset design and costumes
    • Magda Ptasznikchoreography
    • Szymon Kluzlight design
    • Malwina Szumacherstage manager, director's assistant
    • Katarzyna Białachproducer