Lech Łotocki

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Lech Łotocki graduated from the Acting Faculty of the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Since 1970 he worked for two Poznan theatres, Dramatyczny (1970-73) and Nowy (1973-1988); in 1988 he moved to Warsaw to the Studio Theatre (1988 – 1991). In the years 1991-1994 Łotocki was a member of the ensemble led by Janusz Wiśniewski, and since 1996 he became a member of the ensemble of TR Warszawa. 

He appeared in plays directed by Andrzej Ziębiński (Cracovians and Highlanders (Krakowiacy i górale) - debut), Janusz Nyczak (And if King, and if Executioner…(A jak królem, a jak katem...) 1973; Summerfolk (Letnicy), The Wedding (Wesele) 1987), Izabela Cywińska (Life is a Dream Życie jest snem) in 1978; Love at Padua (Miłość pod Padwą) 1978; Judas of Kerioth (Judasz z Kariotu) 1981; Accused: June '56 (Oskarżony: czerwiec 56) 1981; Aurora (Zorza) 1986; Cemeteries (Cmentarze) 1988), and original performances by Janusz Wiśniewski (Panopticum a la Madame Tussand in 1982; The End of Europe (Koniec Europy) in 1983; The Prayer of a Sick Man Before Night (Modlitwa chorego przed nocą) in 1987; Revelation (Olśnienie) in 1989 and Life is a Miracle (Życie jest cudem) in 1992).

At the Szwedzka 2/4 Theatre Łotocki played in Woyzeck (1993) and The Madness of Butterfly Catching (Szał łowienia motyli, 1995) directed by Wojciech Maryański, To Damascus (Do Damaszku) directed by Marcin Jarnuszkiewicz (1994), Peepshow directed by Henryk Baranowski (1995). He also created the character of Al in an independent theatrical project Sallinger directed by Michał Sieczkowski (2005).

He appeared in, among others, the following movies: Persona non grata directed by Krzysztof Zanussi (2005), Strawberry Wine (Wino truskawkowe) directed by Dariusz Jabłoński (2007) and Heavy Mental directed by Sebastian Buttny (2013). 

In 1976 he received the award at the 1st Acting Song Review in Wrocław and in 1977 he was awarded for the role of Xawery in Turoń at the 3rd Theatre Confrontations in Opole. 

Performances in TR Warszawa:
The tropical craze, 1997, directed by Grzegorz Horst (Grzegorz Jarzyna) 
The Dog’s Will , 1997, directed by Piotr Cieplak 
Bacchae, 2001, directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski 
Celebration, directed by H7 (Grzegorz Jarzyna) 
Treatment, 2002, directed by Artur Urbański
Tempest, 2003, directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski 
Whatever Happens, I Love You, 2005, directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek 
Helena S. 2006, directed by Aleksandra Konieczna
Cut it out, 2006, directed by Jan Klata 
Two Poor Polish Speaking Romanians, 2006, directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek
- Shoemakers at the Gates, 2007, directed by Jan Klata
Solaris. Report, 2009, directed by Natalia Korczakowska 
The Picture of Dorian Gray, 2009, directed by Michał Borczuch
No matter how hard we tried, 2009, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna
Unfaithful, 2010, directed by Artur Ildefons Urbański 
Metaphysics of a Two-Headed Calf, 2010, directed by Michał Borczuch
Nosferatu, 2011, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna 
City of Dream, 2012, directed by Krystian Lupa
- The Second Woman, 2014, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna 
- Robert Robur, 2016, directed by Krzysztof Garbaczewski
- G.E.N, 2017, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna
- Puppenhaus. Treatment, 2017, directed by Jędrzej Piaskowski
- My Struggle, 2017, directed by Michał Borczuch