No Matter How Hard We Tried


02/13/2018, 16:30 BankART, Yokohama
Audiovisual dimention of the drama play.  
No Matter How Hard We Tried


A film adaptation of the play by Dorota Masłowska that was directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna on stage at TR Warszawa in 2009, where it enjoyed huge success. The acclaimed film adaptation from 2015 is an avangarde, hybride form merging the languages of the theatre, film and animation.

In transposing Dorota Masłowska’s play to the screen, Grzegorz Jarzyna tells about post-transformation Poland. No Matter How Hard We Tried is a humorous tale about the empty forms that make up the modern social fabric: about language, politics and the theatre of cultural roles.

No Matter How Hard We Tried is a story about Polish society during the time of the transformation that is full of grotesque dialogues consisting of twisted quotes from pop culture; mockery of the language used in commercials, magazines, and tabloids; and national stereotypes. The heroines are three women from three different generations living below the poverty line in a cramped bachelor’s apartment in Warsaw: a gloomy old woman in a wheelchair; her daughter, Halina; and her granddaughter, a little head banger. The panorama of characters is filled out by their neighbors.

"I confronted generations: languages,  ways of thinking and functioning, different every day realities in order to bring out the discord, the non-existence of someone who could be described as ”the statistical Pole”, the lack of a platform on which all this could meet and  could be described by the word  "we". Everything in the play is rather gruesome and exaggerated but it seems to me that for the first time I actually say something potentially good. I certainly do not express a direct positive message, but this is my first  text in which I did not write: "Oh, what an awful country we live in, how drab!” On the contrary, this is my affirmation of being a Pole and Polishness , which is at present totally sneered at, has mud slung at it and is treated, at least in my generation, as a flaw, as  a slap in the face from fate." (Dorota Masłowska)

The screening will be followed by the Q&A with the director, about the audiovisuals form for the theatre representations based on examples of Jarzyna’s performances including the 360 captation of his „G.E.N”  that has its premiere in frame of TPAM Fringe.




The presence of TR Warszawa at TPAM 2018 is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute.