Tropical Crazy - screening

02/15/2018, 16:30 BankART, Yokohama
Contemporary Polish Theatre after the Tropical Craze
How has it all started?

The Tropical Craze by Grzegorz Jarzyna premiered in 1997 on a small Warsaw stage called Teatr Rozmaitości. The premiere of the performance was the milestone in the history of Polish Contemporary Theatre, next to the Electra by Krzysztof Warlikowski. A year after the critically acclaimed debut Grzegorz was offered the direction of the stage and company, that since that time, he has transformed it into TR Warszawa, one of the most important theaters in Poland - and one of the best known Polish theaters around the world.

After the premiere of the revolutionary performance for the Polish Theatre, Krystian Lupa wrote in „Didaskalia Magazine”: Concurrently, we reached the end of the 20th century with a feeling of strangeness of existence and narcotic escape into fiction and the fact went almost unnoticed.

In frame of the TPAM programming we will present the TV captation from the TV Theatre archive (TVP), followed by the discussion about the marking points for the contemporary  stage Polish Theatre with Roman Pawłowski, theatre critic and program director of TR Warszawa, and Grzegorz Jarzyna, the theatre director and leader of TR .




The presence of TR Warszawa at TPAM 2018 is supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute.