TR Warszawa Friends Society

TR Warszawa Friends Association

Since the beginning of 2018 a TR Warszawa Friends Association has been operating beside the theatre. The association is formed by over 80 theatre’s sympathizers and regulars. TR Warszawa organizes for them intros to the performances and dedicated meetings with creators after the shows.

The idea behind TR Warszawa Friends Association is development of an active and involved community around TR Warszawa through deepening the knowledge and experiencing the art. Organization of dedicated discussions and meetings around TR Warszawa repertoire for this ever growing group of theatre’s aficionados very quickly became one of the key elements of the audience development programme.

In the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons, members of TR Warszawa Friends Association were invited:

  • to the premieres (“Pieces of a Woman” dir. Kornél Mundruczó, “Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel” dir. Katarzyna Kalwat, “Other People” dir. Grzegorz Jarzyna, “Woyzeck” dir. Grzegorza Jaremko, “Always Coming Home” dir. Magda Szpecht),
  • special screenings of films presented within the frame of FILM IN TR. AGAINST GRAVITY PRESENTS
  • special events (premiere of a concert version of “Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel” dir. Katarzyna Kalwat within the frame of 61. Warsaw Autumn – International Festival of Contemporary Music, presentation of a work-in-progress production of “Other People” dir. Grzegorz Jarzyna and guest performances: “Roman Dmowski. Thoughts of a modern Pole” dir. Grzegorz Laszuk from the Theatre Polish in Poznan_1875 and Komuna Warszawa, „Cezary Goes to War” and „Sad Boy Story” dir. Cezary Tomaszewski from Komuna Warszawa and „Revolution that Never was There” by Teatr 21.

In order to gain a more comprehensive knowledge about Polish culture and become more familiar with the artists, curators and managers of culture, TR Warszawa Friends Association participates also in the most important artistic events organized by other Warsaw-based cultural institutions and organizations,thereby supporting the idea of active participation in culture. In the past seasons the group visited

  • Zygmunt Hübner Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw,
  • STUDIO Theatre Gallery,
  • Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre,
  • The Grand Theatre National Opera in Warsaw,
  • Nowy Teatr,
  • Teatr Polonia,
  • the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra,
  • the National Philharmonic in Warsaw
  • Komuna Warszawa.

Art enthusiasts associated with TR Warszawa, have also visited together many exhibitions housed by the:

  • Zachęta National Gallery of Art,
  • Museum of Modern Art,
  • Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle,
  • The National Museum in Warsaw,
  • The the Museum of Warsaw,
  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

During these visits, members of TR Warszawa Friends Association meet authors and curators of the performances and exhibitions as well as the directors and managers of the visited cultural institutions and organizations.


TR Warszawa invites you to join TR Warszawa Friends Association.

The project’s curator and coordinator is Kaja Stępkowska.

If you are interested in participating, please contact:

The Danuta Szaflarska Foundation

The existence of TR Warszawa Friends Association resulted in the establishment of the Danuta Szaflarska Foundation, among others. The statutory purpose of the foundation is the promotion of artistic theatre, in particular through supporting TR Warszawa’s activities for the development of young, exceptionally talented creators. The foundation has been established by TR Warszawa sympathizers and regulars who, at their own initiative and out of the love for theatre, created an organization that promotes theatrical culture. The financial support granted by the Danuta Szaflarska Foundation helped to produce the performance titled “Woyzeck” directed by Grzegorz Jaremko, a laureate of TR Debut 2017.

The idea to establish the Danuta Szaflarska Foundation is a completely grassroots initiative. We opened the process in March 2019 and by April, we had the first results. We believe that the audience’s involvement in the theatre’s activities is one of the instruments that allow to elevate the theatre to the new level of a modern, interactive cultural institution. The foundation member’s idea to support the production of performances in TR Warszawa was born from the willingness to be an active spectator, the need to become actively involved an to co-create a community around the theatre. Having such an amazing patron of the foundation only inspires us to work harder. We are very thankful to daughters of Danuta Szaflarska for the trust they’ve put in us – despite the fact that we were only a group of TR Warszawa regulars, strangers to them at that time. We would also like to thank TR Warszawa management and team for their trust.

Lidia Dziurzyńska-Leipert, Chairwoman of the Foundation