About Us

In 1998, a year after his critically acclaimed debut with The Tropical Craze, Grzegorz Jarzyna was offered the direction of a small Warsaw stage called Teatr Rozmaitości. Since that time, he has transformed it into TR Warszawa, one of the most important theaters in Poland - and one of the best known Polish theaters around the world

TR Warszawa is home to artistic experiments of all kinds. Jarzyna has created a place that not only provides space for his own work, but also attracts other brilliant directors such as Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Jan Klata, René Pollesch, and Kornél Mundruczó. He has built an an acclaimed team of actors, composers, and designers. Always on the lookout for new talents and a new language for contemporary theater, TR Warszawa has commissioned several new dramas, made some bold reinterpretations of classics texts, opened its stage to young actors and directors, and explored the potential of non-traditional performance spaces in the city.

Among the theater’s latest productions are Grzegorz Jarzyna’s The Second Woman based on John Cassavetes’ Opening Night, Nosferatu inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. based on the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini, No Matter How Hard We Tried adapted from from Dorota Masłowska’a acclaimed drama, Jackson Pollesch written and directed by René Pollesch, Kornel Mundruczo’s The Bat based on Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus, and an adaptation of Alfred Kubin’s book The Other Side called City of Dream and directed by Krystian Lupa. In its current repertoire there are also productions that have already gained the status of classics, such as Jarzyna’s adaptation of Sarah Kane’s last drama, 4:48 Psychosis.TR Warszawa receives invitations to various festivals and stages in Europe and beyond, and has performed in Avignon, Paris, Lille, London, Edinburgh, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Stockholm, Dublin, Brussels, Madrid, Minsk, Bucharest, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Wellington and Hong Kong.