This is not time at all, what passes for us here.

  • Work in progress
  • Marszałkowska 8

The Magic Mountain

dir.Michał Borczuch
25.04 18:00

PRE-PREMIERE, Induction loop

26.04 18:00

PREMIERE, Induction loop

27.04 18:00

Induction loop

28.04 18:00

Induction loop

30.04 18:00

Induction loop

30.05 18:00

Induction loop

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  • Director

    Michał Borczuch

  • Premiere

    26 April 2024

  • Tickets

    Regular ticket: 120 PLN
    Discounted ticket: 85 PLN
    Regular group ticket (over 10 people): 105 PLN
    Discounted group ticket (over 10 people): 75 PLN

About the performance

It seems that no one has yet interpreted isolation in terms of a spell. In Mann’s novel, a metaphor for the crisis of European culture, the sanatorium in the mountains was a place where patients could detach from socio-political reality and focus on the inner processes set in motion by their illness. Immersed in the daily routine of the spa and absorbed by their own selves, they succumbed to the spell of isolation.

In Michał Borczuch’s play, it is the COVID lockdown that makes the occupants of a tenement indulge in conversation, philosophising and practicing silent rituals of self-care. Wrapping themselves in blankets or painting walls, they conduct various protocols of control and are absorbed by reading The Magic Mountain. Under a spell, they function in a suspended state between seemingly contradicting desires: for the state of suspension to last as long as possible and for life to return to normal as soon as possible.

Under the spell, they also become aware of their own privilege. They begin to notice individual people and entire social groups that they had not noticed before. They see class differences and class-related aspects of human labour. Just like the patients of the sanatorium, they engage in lengthy discussions about time, their subjective perception of public space, their sense of agency, changing social relations, new ways of working and practicing self-care. They reflect on how to make it possible for human and non-human beings to live together. 

Can the theatrical space become a space of caring for each other? What kind of spell do we need for this?


director: Michał Borczuch

adaptation and dramaturgy: Tomasz Śpiewak

scenography and costumes: Doris Nawrot

music: Bartosz Dziadosz

video: Krzysztof Bagiński

light design: Robert Mleczko

assistant director: Piotr Piotrowicz

assistant scenography and costumes: Julia Zawadzka

stage manager: Katarzyna Gawryś

production manager: Magda Igielska


The adaptation of the novel will be created based on the experiences and reflections of TR Warszawa actors and actresses.