Since 2014 TR Warszawa has been running the project of the construction of the new theatre’s seat in the Parade Square [Plac Defilad]. TR Warszawa’s building designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners architectural studio is an element of a two-building complex comprising the theatre and the new seat of The Museum of Modern Art. The new seats of both institutions will form an integral part of the new development plan for the area surrounding the Palace of Culture and Science, which is currently in progress. The museum’s and theatre’s premises will complete the space of the Central Square – the heart of a modern metropolis, that Warsaw is bound to become in the near future. Their launch will open new cultural possibilities to the city’s residents and visitors.

Project of TR Warszawa 2020. View from the Parade Square [Plac Defilad]. Project by Thomas Phifer and Partners

New seat of TR Warszawa

The new TR Warszawa’s seat will be one of the most cutting-edge theatres in Europe. Architecture of the building reflects values that are important to TR Warszawa’s team, in particular openness understood as pursue of explorations and taking artistic risks, introducing new methods of theatrical expression to wide audiences, transparency, mobility and breaking down barriers. The new TR Warszawa’s seat is intended to be a safe, welcoming and easily accessible space for every member of the audience.

Progress in TR Warszawa’s building project

Season 2019/2020 brought new decisions and solutions to the building project of TR Warszawa’s seat in the Parade Square. Since April 2019, the Museum of Modern Art has been constructing the museum part of the two-building complex that will host the new theatre’s and museum’s seats in the Parade Square, the future Central Square. The next stage of this building project will be the construction of TR Warszawa’s building in the Parade Square, scheduled to begin in 2021. In July 2020, after the Warsaw City Council had enacted a land servitude on the expropriated plot zoned for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art and TR Warszawa, the theatre applied for a building permission.  

Season 2019/2020 was the next step in TR Warszawa taking over the role of a project owner with regard to the theatre’s part of the investment. At the end of 2019, the Museum of Modern Art transferred to TR Warszawa the rights to the design documentation for the theatre. This allows TR Warszawa to make its own decisions regarding the design within the objectives of a joint architectural and urban project comprising the seats of the Museum of the Modern Art and TR Warszawa together with the infrastructure that complies with the local development plan. 

Project of TR Warszawa 2020. View from the Świętokrzyski Park. Project by Thomas Phifer and Partners

Director’s plenipotentiary for TR Warszawa’s building project in the Parade Square: Anna Klammer
coordinator of the TR Warszawa’s building project in the Parade Square communication team:
investment finance specialist Weronika Małek