The international line

Large scale performances with international reach, directed by both Polish and foreign creators.  Innovative, elaborate projects that allow the audience to immerse themselves into the stage reality. Original works that confront the issues of today’s human and the modern world, offered to wide audiences. Performances that, on the one hand, create a space for dialogue between Polish and international theatre, and on the other hand, allow to develop an audience in  Warsaw and educate a new type of the recipient of culture – one open to new phenomena in art. During the work on the major productions we utilize our extensive experience, expertise of the team members and the established position of TR Warszawa in the global artistic circuit. Each year, starting from 2021, at least one foreign creator will direct projects in TR Warszawa. We continue cooperation with creators who have already worked in TR Warszawa and search for new names at the festivals and theatres in Poland and abroad. We enter into cooperation with artists who have an established international position, confirmed by their past work with major drama centers and festivals in Europe and other parts of the world, who are open to interdisciplinary thinking, seek new stage language and are interested in the issues of today’s world. Production of the performances is complemented by workshop programmes and guest performances from abroad.

The new talents line

An incubator for new talents and cutting edge projects – Start-up TR is based on the original practices and workshop programmes developed in TR Warszawa (TR Debut, Warsaw Area, TR/PL, Field TR, Young TR).  Each year in the programme there are at least two performances or performative readings by creators that make their debut in Warsaw: directors and/or playwrights.  We do not build a permanent team of cooperating artist but instead we work towards the growth of the Polish theatre in general, with particular focus on the art of direction. TR Warszawa identifies new talents and fulfills the role of an expert while building the knowledge equity of the new Polish theatre. Some of the selected projects are developed in cooperation with partners from abroad. 

The search for new talents takes place through competitions – restricted and open (TR Debut, TR Area, pitchings); internship, assistantship and residency application programs; research conducted at the faculties of directing at drama schools, theatre festivals and partner theatres abroad. The creators are selected by a special team made up of the representatives of TR Warszawa artistic team.

We cooperate with people who can think creatively about the theatre and performative arts, who are open to experimenting with other constituents of art and interested in developing their work with the actor’s team; creators who are engaged in the problems of the modern world, for whom theatre is a space of freedom, place where the state of a human and the world can be explored. 

The field line

Warsaw needs not only the buildout of public spaces and architecture but also development of consciousness and identity of its residents. Streets, squares, buildings and green spaces are the hardware of the city. The software consists of emotions, dreams, ideas that fill city dwellers’ minds and have an impact on the town’s character. A tool that may be helpful in creating the urban software is theatre, one that activates the imagination and emotions. Within the Field Line we want to take a closer look at the urban organism, portrait the life of the residents of Warsaw metropolis and include them in the artistic activities. The aim of this exchange is an organic work towards the creation of interpersonal bonds and meeting spaces. The program consists of workshops, participatory projects, documentary performances and educational activities. The objective is cooperation with local cultural institutions and organizations, in particular ones that operate in the districts distant from downtown Warsaw.

TR Online

The epidemic state and quarantine restrictions introduced in March 2020, that resulted in closing all theatres in the spring, necessitated the search for and implementation of new forms of contact with the audience and theatrical activity.

TR Online is the answer to the need of, previously not utilized, virtual space for performative arts and not only for the time of the crisis. We execute TR Online strategy to create conditions for the long term development, production and reception of artistically valuable performative events on the Internet. We create an online stage, unlimited by location and time. Consequently, we are able to reach a wide range of diverse recipients – both the existing audience and people who previously couldn’t participate in TR Warszawa events.

We do realize, that online activities can’t replace a live meeting in a theatre. However, they may complement and enhance the programme offered today on TR Warszawa’s stages, and in the near future, on the stage in the new TR Warszawa’s building on the Parade Square [Plac Defilad] (soon to be renamed Central Square).

TR Online programme opens the space for the creation of original artistic forms that combine performative arts with digital media; increases the scale and reach of TR Warszawa’s artistic programme; builds and deepens lasting relationship with the audience; helps to overcome the barriers in accessing performances and other live events. This programme offers a chance to strengthen TR Warszawa’s international position as one of the leading theatre stages in Poland and in the world. It can be used as an instrument to build and develop community around TR Warszawa – a theatre for the future. Therefore, since March 2020, TR Online has become the fourth programme line in TR Warszawa’s repertoire, next to the three complementing lines: international, new talents and field actions. The source of TR Online is the creative potential of TR Warszawa artistic team and the cooperation artists, supported by all departments of the institution. Creation of a transparent remuneration system for the works presented online and obtaining the necessary copyrights and intellectual property rights is critical for the success of the online strategy.

New streaming platform

In November 2020, we launched TR Online platform ( where the latest premiere titles and older performances from TR Warszawa repertoire are streamed. 

In the following weeks we will present Other People dir. by Grzegorz Jarzyna and Pieces of a Woman dir. by Kornél Mundruczó, among others. Streaming of the performances will be accompanied by live intros straight from the stages prepared by TR Warszawa’s actresses and actors and post-show live meetings with the creators. Documentary films from the FILM IN TR. AGAINST GRAVITY PRESENTS series that accompany TR Warszawa’s premiere productions will also be available on the platform. We will gradually expand the list of recorded TR performances available in VOD model, including the iconic archive performances. The program will be completed by a diverse offer of webinars and online workshops, that allow to improve the knowledge and experience of art. 

Through TR Online audience is able to enjoy the offer of TR Warszawa online, regardless of the limitations, introduced restrictions or the place of residence. The performances and the accompanying programme of meetings, workshops and intros are not only a wholesome supplement but also an integral part of artistic and programme activities of TR Warszawa. An online stage makes TR Warszawa an even more open cultural institution – accessible both to people who live in Warsaw and audience from Poland and other parts of the world.