16.12 you can see “City of Women” with English subtitles


fot. Wojciech Sobolewski

Join us for a performance of “City of Women”, directed by Emma Hütt, which will be available, for the first time since its premiere, with English subtitles on 16 December.

See the performance with English subtitles

Emma Hütt is a winner of the TR Debut Award and a student at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. The young director from Berlin takes The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan and creates her own myth, uncovering something that is only seemingly archaic: a medieval testimony to feminist self-will.

In the play, Emma Hütt and her ensemble bring the figure of de Pizan to life. She sits at home and imagines three goddesses showing her the way to a world that does not seek to destroy others. The authoress imagines building a stronghold where women shall be safe. Who can build such a place and for whom? How can we avoid the same trap as the patriarchy falls into? Should we wait for the next revolution? Should we seek pleasure in trying to survive? Should we retreat or should we fight? We wish to examine what else we want to and can tell.