English subtitles in February and March


In February and March, we will play two performances for you with English subtitles. On March 17 we invite you to see “When the snow melts”, directed by Katarzyna Minkowska, and before that on February 25 we present “City of Women,” directed by Emma Hütt. Both plays are the latest premieres from this season.

When the snow melts

“When the snow melts”, photo: Wojciech Sobolewski

In February, Katarzyna Minkowska will present a play based on an original script written with her regular collaborator and scriptwriter Tomasz Walesiak. The performance will portray a multigenerational family in a crisis caused by something which is far beyond human comprehension. 

Tragedy brings members of a family to the family home. For some, it’s a difficult return after a long absence, whilst others have lingered there for decades. How should they talk about an incident that cannot be acknowledged or accepted? How can you make an uplifting connection with someone who, in theory, is close to you but who you know so little about? As the characters struggle with the suicide of a teenage girl they invoke more and more narratives about her. They revisit the past and mutually meddle with the webs of their own memories. They create successive layers of dreams and illusions of the unbearable reality. The fuel of their hopes and nightmares, as well as an escape from their emotions, are fear, fairytales, videogames, and religion. The mixed-up inner worlds create a vortex of images in a family gathering observed by the audience.

City of Woman

“City of Women”, photo: Wojciech Sobolewski

In the play, Emma Hütt and her ensemble bring the figure of de Pizan to life. She sits at home and imagines three goddesses showing her the way to a world that does not seek to destroy others. The authoress imagines building a stronghold where women shall be safe. Who can build such a place and for whom? How can we avoid the same trap as the patriarchy falls into? Should we wait for the next revolution? Should we seek pleasure in trying to survive? Should we retreat or should we fight? We wish to examine what else we want to and can tell.