Baltic Transfer* Festival

Baltic Transfer* Festival is the effect of a two-year collaboration between TR Warszawa and partner institutions from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The project is a joint initiative of Jaunimo Teatras (Vilnius), The New Theatre Institute (Riga), Vaba Lava (Tallinn) in cooperation with TR Warszawa. Support and funding: Baltic Culture Fund.

Hosted by

TR Warszawa
Warsaw, Poland


Jaunimo Teatras
Vilnius, Lithuania

New Theatre Institute of Lativia
Riga, Latvia

Vaba Lava
Tallinn, Estonia

Accompanying partner

Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego
Warsaw, Poland


Lithuanian Culture Institute
Vilnius, Lithuania

Estonian Theatre Agency
Tallinn, Estonia

Kawałyk Sztuki Cafe
Warsaw, Poland

Supported and funded by the Baltic Culture Fund