TR Warszawa will once again present its performances during the Generation After. Showcase organized by Nowy Teatr, which creates a space for the presentation of new trends emerging in Polish theater, opening our home stage to representatives of major festivals and theater institutions from Europe, Asia and America.


This year’s seventh edition of Generation After. Showcase will be held under the theme REALITY CHECK and will run from September 7 to 9 this year. Its goal is to question the reality around us, which we have accepted as indisputable due to habit. The performances presented as part of the event confront us with difficult questions, lies and half-truths about the world around us, which together we will try to take apart. As we can read on the Nowy Teatr website, we will “xperimenting with reality and exploring the truth, the fiction, and everything in between”.

TR Warszawa during Generation After. Showcase

This year TR Warszawa also joined the Generation After. Showcase. We will present two shows “sweet & romantic”, directed by Wera Makowsx and Jakub Zalasa, which will be seen on 07.09.2023, and “Family”, directed by Justyna Sobczyk, which will be played on 09.09.2023. Both shows premiered in the past artistic season.

“sweet & romantic” tells a story about love, grief and change. The main character, Ari, as an experiment, takes their first dose of testosterone and transcends the boundaries of classically understood gender. They don’t realize how this will affect their body, mind and relationships with the narrow circle of people close to them.

“Family” is a co-production with Teatr 21. On stage we see TR Warszawa’s actors and actors with disabilities who take turns playing the same characters – father, mother, daughter, son, pizza delivery man. The play examines contemporary family relations and asks uncomfortable questions about the role of a person with a disability in this social cell.

You are warmly invited to these and other performances from our offer for September. The full repertoire is available in our calendar. Tickets are available at