Na podstawie książki "Klub" Matildy Voss Gustavsson

  • Marszałkowska 8

The Club

dir.Weronika Szczawińska Buy a ticket
  • Script and direction

    Weronika Szczawińska

  • Prapremiere

    June 28, 2021

  • Duration

    1 h 45 min.

  • Cena biletów

    The starting price of a ticket on the first day of sale will be 40 PLN, depending on attendance, the price can reach a maximum of 150 PLN.
    Concessionary ticket: 45 PLN


This play contains scenes of descriptions of sexual violence and is intended for audiences over the age of 16.

About performance

“‘This is kind of a club’
In Swedish, “klubben”
It’s important that it’s in Swedish
Cause I remind you that we’re in Stockholm
In a very Swedish Sweden
It is important, you know, that we are not in Poland at all” – say the protagonists of the play “The Club”.

This story, based on Matilday Voss Gustavsson’s reportage, which is not set in Poland and does not take place in a theater environment, and has nothing to do with a theater school, became, on the initiative of actresses, graduating students of the Theatre Academy, the starting point for work on the play. Julia Biesiada, Julia Borkowska, Maria Kozłowska, Katarzyna Lis, Adrianna Malecka, Magdalena Sildatk, Bernadetta Statkiewicz, Monika Szufladowicz, Helena Urbańska, Emilia Walus invited director Weronika Szczawińska to cooperate.

Together with other co-creators – Dobrawa Borkała, Marta Szlasa-Rokicka, Marta Szypulska, Teoniki Rożynek – they invite the audience to join the club: an elite place, where everyone has always wanted to be; where art is breathed, and life is a constant vernissage – disturbed only by occasionally spread gossip.

The innovative model of work within the framework of the “Club” is based on the abolition of the hierarchy of student-master and actor-director in favor of an equal cooperation of all female artists, while dividing roles according to the degree of responsibility for the educational process and the dynamics of group processes. The aim of the work on the performance is to take into account the needs of the female students and to democratize the process of working on the performance. An important, if not key, aspect of the work on “The Club” also concerns the basis for the creation of the performance: the grassroots initiative of female students, the diagnosis of the problems of exclusion, and finally, the cooperation of female students with the spokeswoman for students’ rights and the university authorities, followed by a joint development of solutions to the problem and an attempt at their practical implementation, resulting in the premiere of “The Club”.

fot. Bartek Warzecha

Conceptual collaboration and cast












script and direction: Weronika Szczawińska
co-authoring of the stage concept, therapeutic consultations and breathwork: Dobrawa Borkała
music: Teoniki Rożynek
costumes, space: Marta Szypulska
production manager: Agnieszka Zajk-Tworkowska
assistant director: Marta Szlasa-Rokicka
coordination of the “Change-Now” project: Katarzyna Renes
project consultation: Agata Adamiecka, Vanessa Coffey
collaboration: Monika Przespolewska

Screenplay based on Matilda Voss Gustavsson’s book Klubben, translated by Justyna Czechowska.

Performance realized within the framework of the Change-Now! co-financed from the Erasmus Plus Programme Strategic Partnerships