Natalia Dzieduszycka


Executive director of TR Warszawa


Cultural manager, executive director of TR Warszawa, graduate of the faculty of biophysics at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Lviv musical academy.

She has completed numerous management and cultural business seminars and courses. From 2006 through 2010 Dzieduszycka served as deputy director for projects in Cultural Foundation [orig: Fundacja Kultury] where she was responsible for fundraising and management of cultural projects. In 2010, in cooperation with the National Centre for Culture, she developed an original concept of Platform for Culture [orig: Platforma Kulturty] portal – an interactive website dedicated to cultural education for pedagogues, educators and culture animators. From 2010 to 2017 Dzieduszycka was affiliated with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. She was responsible for the organizational and financial aspect of the Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency (2010-2012) – a programme comprising of over 400 events held in 10 countries. As a Culture. Media programme manager (2012-2017) she managed a large multicultural team with whom she had built and continued to enhance Polish culture image through brand. Within the frame of this programme she implemented 2.0 and 3.0 versions of and various interdisciplinary projects, such as Multimedia Guides to Polish Culture (Site of the Year Awwwards nominee, winner of The Lovie Awards – Silver Winner and Webby Honorary Award 2017).

Dzieduszycka joined TR Warszawa team in 2017 as a deputy director for organization and finance. Later she took on the acting executive director position. As a TR Warszawa’s acting executive director she developed and implemented a restructuring plan, that succeeded in putting theatre’s financial situation and organization of work in order.

Natalia Dzieduszycka was appointed executive director of TR Warszawa in August 2019. From the moment she joined TR Warszawa, she has been working towards flattening of the organization’s hierarchy, democratization of the decision-making processes and subjective approach to each employee, female and male. She has developed a standing cooperation with various non-governmental, municipal and state institutions. Together with her team, Dzieduszycka completed next phases of the investment process aimed to obtain a building permission for the new seat of TR Warszawa in the Parade Square and initiated development of strategic documents, such as: “Strategy of TR Warszawa Team for 2019-2023” (aimed to prepare TR Warszawa team for the move to the new building in the Parade Square) and “TR Online Strategy”. The latter one stems from the need to find and launch new forms of contact with the audience and new methods of theatre activity in the light of the state of epidemic and quarantine restrictions introduced in Poland in March, 2020. The goal of “TR Online Strategy” is creation of conditions that enable long-term development, production and reception of artistically valuable performative events over the internet. This strategy should allow TR Warszawa team under the leadership of Natalia Dzieduszycka to build an online stage, unrestricted by space and time, and subsequently reach a wide and diverse range of viewers – both the existing audience and people who have previously not been able to participate in TR Warszawa programmes.

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