Generation After. Showcase

Generation After. Showcase featuring the newest developments taking place on Polish theatrical stages, involving representatives and programmers of the most important festivals and theatrical institutions from Europe, Asia and America.

As we can read on the Generation After. Showcase webside:

Probably everything can become so familiar that a person doesn’t see it anymore. By changing the volume or the tempo of it, we can all of the sudden change that situation allowing to experience the surroundings once more.

The recent period has asked us so many questions about the performing arts. The coronavirus gained control over our space, thus disassembling our time interwoven with space. Elements we have regarded as the essence of the performing arts are actually the field’s positive functions.  But without doubt, nothing changes.

We have doubts, so we have ideas. And those ideas are going places. The essence of performing arts could always change depending on circumstances. So we took time –to observe, think, and reorganize. And now we want to keep doubt coming. Tear apart the system. Break it, mold it, shape it, and build it again, with you, in person.

Let’s use the performance itself as its own map.

Let’s try to observe its constant motion.

Let’s do it together.

Off we go!

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