• Marszałkowska 8
  • Out of repertoire


dir.Katarzyna Kalwat
  • Director

    Katarzyna Kalwat

  • Premiered

    January  15, 2016

  • Duration

    1 h 45 min

  • Tickets

    70 PLN – regular

    40 PLN – concessionary

    30 PLN – rush


The performance includes some nudity.


In 1988 in his apartment in the Constitution Square in Warsaw died in mysterious circumstances Tomasz Sikorski – one of the most important Polish composers of the second half of the 20th century. Director Katarzyna Kalwat and playwright Marta Sokołowska attempt to solve the mystery of the untimely demise of the artist, to understand his life and art. For this purpose they investigate the events on the stage

olzwege” is a theatre performance, an investigative experiment and live concert – all in one. Title of the production (German for “wrong paths”) is a reference to a work by Sikorski.

Alongside TR Warszawa actors: Jan Dravnel, Sandra Korzeniak and Tomasz Tyndyk in the performance we can see a renowned composer and pianist –  Zygmun Krauze – a friend of Tomasz Sikorski. They portrait the avant-garde composer through his works, documentary materials and literary fiction. Will they succeed in reveling the truth about his life and death from documents, letters, recollections and music?


For organized post-gymnasium school groups we offer introductory workshops to the performance (please contact the education department edukacja@trwarszawa.pl) for more details).

Tomasz Sikorski’s works (1939-1988) fall into the sonorism and minimalism category. A Varsovian, child-prodigy, son of the composer Kazimierz Sikorski, recipient of French and American scholarships, died in 1988 in unexplained circumstances. His music, that transcends genre classifications, had not been appreciated during his lifetime. Only in recent years, has its innovativeness, radicalism and pioneering power begun to be recognized.


Wyobraź sobie, że budzisz się w ciemnym lesie, nie ogarniasz całego lasu, tylko kawałek wokół ciebie, aby objąć wzrokiem więcej, możesz wyciąć kilka drzew i powiększać przestrzeń, światło oświetla puste miejsce. Wycinając, wciąż i wciąż, poruszasz się i zostawiasz za sobą miejsca, które jednak zarastają, możesz korzystać z pamięci, doświadczeń, wspomnień, ale czy jest możliwe zrozumienie istoty lasu jako całości?”

Martin Heidegger


direction: Katarzyna Kalwat

text: Marta Sokołowska

music: Tomasz Sikorski [+]

set design: Anna Tomczyńska

video: Ewa Łuczak

lightning design: Paulina Góral


Photo by Anna Tomczyńska


  • “Tomek Tyndyk as Sikorski delivers one of the most important stage creations in the last years, comparable with the actor’s outstanding performances in Warlikowski’s plays: Prior Walter in “Angels in America” or Robin in “Cleansed”.

    Łukasz Maciejewski, AICT
  • “Yet another box-office hit won this year’s edition of the Competition for Staging Contemporary Polish Plays. “Holzwege” by Marta Sokołowska – a painfully honest and unpretentious play about a renown composer and pianist – Tomasz Sikorski; is staged in TR Warszawa under the direction of Katarzyna Kalwat.”

    Mike Urbaniak, Gazeta Wyborcza


  • Best performance

    22nd National Competition for Staging Contemporary Polish Plays

  • Best actor award

    At the 22nd National Competition for Staging Contemporary Polish Plays for Tomasz Tyndyk for the role of Tomasz Sikorski

  • The following works by Tomasz Sikorski are used in the performance:

    “Absent-Minded Window-Gazing”, “Hymnos” and “Solitude of Sounds” (for tape).

The new talents line / TR Debut

The performance was produced within the frame of Young TR project that is an element of the New Talents Line programme. TR Warszawa for many years now has been promoting new artistic talents through such projects as:  Warsaw Area [orig.: Teren Warszawa], TR/PL, Field TR [orig.: Teren TR], Young TR [orig.: Młody TR], TR Debut [orig.: Debiut TR], artistic residencies, guest showings of diploma works and performances, repertoire showings of performances co-created by new artists and production of selected projects in cooperation with foreign partners. TR Warszawa provides artistic shelter, where artists may experiment and implement their ideas for theatre.

Within the New Talents Line in the past artistic seasons, the following directors presented their productions: Wojciech Blecharz (“Soundwork”), Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak (“The Chinese”), Grzegorz Jaremko (“Woyzeck”), Katarzyna Kalwat (“Holzwege”, “Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel”, “Maria Klassenberg. Ecstasies”, “Staff Only” – coproduced by Biennale Warszawa and TR Warszawa), Anna Karasińska (“Ewelina’s Crying” and “Fantasia”), Katarzyna Minkowska (“Stream”), Jędrzej Piaskowski (“Puppenhaus. Treatment”, “David Is Going To Israel”), Piotr Trojan (“Grind/r”), Magda Szpecht (“The Possibility of an Island”, “Always Coming Home”), and Małgorzata Wdowik (“The Footballers and Fear”).