• Marszałkowska 8

Jackson Pollesh

dir.René Pollesch
  • Directed by 

    René Pollesch

  • Premiered

    September 17, 2011

  • Duration

    1 h 15 min

  • Tickets

    The starting price of a ticket on the first day of sale will be 40 PLN, depending on attendance, the price can reach a maximum of 150 PLN.
    Concessionary ticket: 45 PLN


From the director

These days the creative people sit in the audience. It used to be the other way. Those who were more creative used to be on stage, those less so – admired the elitist work of the first group. It cannot be denied that creativity, creative impetus, entrepreneurial spirit are socially expected these days, while a creative individual has become a sort of an icon of capitalism and, most likely, we owe it all to i.a. theatre artists. And although flexibility, mobility, creativity, responsibility do not have such a good standing as lust, hate, revenge, love, death, fault or fate, it is creativity – and it’s time to say it aloud – that the future belongs to. Therefore, whenever a play is about lust, there’s a risk that although everybody will be willing to contemplate a story about it and to draw conclusions from it, most of them will not necessarily need lust. With creativity, it’s a different story – everybody wants to be creative.”

René Pollesch

For organized gymnasium and post-gymnasium school groups we offer introductory workshops to the performance (please contact the education department edukacja@trwarszawa.pl for more details).


direction: René Pollesch

translation: Karolina Bikont

set and lighting design: Chasper Bertschinger

costume design: Svenja Gassen

director’s assistant: Paweł Świątek

scenographer assistant: Olga Skumiał

costumographer’s assistant: Karolina Pucek


fot. Agnieszka Orlik


  • „Unlike most of the moral authorities these days, Pollesch is not bothered with the poor “free market” in crisis. He’s bothered with the humans instead. Instead of wondering how to make the audience more attractive or “employable”, he wonders how to prevent them from taking antidepressants, turning to Facebook for some comfort, spending their last penny on “personality coaching” or signing junk contracts.”

    Joanna Derkaczew, Gazeta Wyborcza


  • The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation Award

    Granted at the 47th Small Theatre Forms Festival “Kontrapunkt” in Szczecin to the authors and performers for „asking a question of major importance: What kind of role does an artist play in post-modern society?” and distinction for Aleksandra Konieczna for „a tricky defense of acting in the world where creative potential is running low”

  • Distinction

    Distinction for Aleksandra Konieczna for „a tricky defense of acting in the world where creative potential is running low” granted at the 47th Small Theatre Forms Festival “Kontrapunkt”


47th Small Theatre Forms Festival “Kontrapunkt” in Szczecin (16.04.2012)
Festival of Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant, Łódź (03-04.03.2012)



Konferencje Teatralne, Goethe Instytut, The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. With the help of the TR Warszawa Foundation.

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