Preview of the “niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia” at Munich Kammerspiele


On July 17, the Munich Kammerspiele hosted a preview of the play “niedoskonała utopia/ an imperfect utopia,” directed by Noémi Ola Berkowitz.

A play based on lies about life

Eine Show über die Lügen, auf denen das Leben basiert.

The production of “niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia” directed by Noémi Ola Berkowitz is the result of cooperation between TR Warszawa and Munich Kammerspiele theatre. “niedoskonała utopia / an imperfect utopia” (German: Eine unvollkommene Utopie) is a performance that touches upon the theme of binary division of the sexes as a cultural norm and, at the same time, a form of oppression. Performers and actors from both theatres will propose and analyse various ways of liberating themselves from this form.

Rehearsals for the play began on April 19 at TR Warszawa. The Munich premiere of “niedoskonała utopia/ an imperfect utopia” took place on July 17 at the Munich Kammerspiele theater. We invite you to the Warsaw premiere in the fall – October 21, 2022 at TR Warszawa/Marszałkowska 8. The next shows in Warsaw will take place on October 22 and 23, 2022.

You can find out more about the German premiere at Munich Kammerspiele website.

Photos from a rehearsal of the play “niedoskonała utopia /an imperfect utopia”.
© Judith Buss, Münchner Kammerspiele

About performance

In this world in this world of meticulously constructed gender norms, do people even have a chance to be themselves? Is everything that has been instilled in us since childhood as “natural behavior” not only oppression for those who  deviate from cultural norms, but also a prison for us all?

Can we dream of a world without shame and stigma? With a love of freedom for all, instead of power for the select few?

These are the questions artists explore in the German-Polish performance project “an imperfect utopia”, directed by Noémi Ola Berkowitz. The ensemble – two actors from the Munich Kammerspiele, two actors from TR Warszawa, and one performer from the Ballroom community – will jointly research various strategies to shake off histories of oppression and problematic mechanisms. 

“an imperfect utopia” is an immersive theater evening in which performers and spectators draw close to one another. Not only social norms will be questioned, but also theatrical norms. The audience will be onstage with the performers and a DJ will design sound and drop beats live. The performance form, workshopped at the Sopot Non Fiction Theater Festival in 2021, is influenced by the underground drag performance and Ballroom scenes, where the line between spectator and participant is blurred. A hybrid of liberation and camp, of intimate confessions, queer theory and private enlightenment, of lies and truths, of various languages and their moments of failure – an evening in which impossible dreams emerge in all their extravagant glory!

Martyna Wawrzyniak (co-author of Heart, directed by Wiktor Bagiński)  will develop the text after a joint research with the ensemble, in which all the various perspectives come to light: City and country, Poland and Germany, dialogue and dance, public and private, shameful and proud, older and younger, binary and nonbinary… 

This production marks the first joint production created in the artistic partnership between TR Warszawa and the Munich Kammerspiele. Both theaters are committed to experimental exploration of new forms as well as contemporary material. “Die Wirklichkeit nicht in Ruhe lassen” – „do not leave reality alone“ – is the motto with which the Kammerspiele’s new artistic directing team began their work in 2020. “an imperfect utopia” is also a part of TR Warszawa’s season called “turn on the full spectrum” programmed as well along queer culture topics.