A show about the lies that life is based on

  • Marszałkowska 8

an imperfect utopia

dir.Noémi Ola Berkowitz Buy a ticket
  • Director

    Noémi Ola Berkowitz

  • Dramaturgy

    Viola Hasselberg, Rania Mleihi, Martyna Wawrzyniak

  • German premiere

    15 July 2022

  • Warsaw premiere

    21 October 2022

  • Recommended age

    from the age of 15

  • Duration

    1,5 h

Moving around and taking photos

You are encouraged to be mobile during the performance, to move around and participate in the performance by changing your viewing location and to take photos.


During the performance, the Lambda Warsaw will hold a fundraiser.




Trace Polly


About performance

„Maybe being queer is the natural, wild state of being. Maybe queering your thinking simply means approaching yourself and everyone else with curiosity and compassion instead of judgement”.

In this world of meticulously constructed gender norms, do people even have a chance to be themselves? Is everything that has been instilled in us since childhood as “natural behavior” not only oppression for those who deviate from cultural norms, but also a prison for us all? Can we dream of a world without shame and stigma? With a love of freedom for all, instead of power for the select few?

These are the questions explored in the German-Polish performance project “an imperfect utopia”, directed by Noémi Ola Berkowitz. Together with Berkowitz and Martyna Wawrzyniak (co-author of “The Heart”, directed by Wiktor Bagiński), the ensemble – two actors from the Munich Kammerspiele, two actors from TR Warszawa, and one live musician – jointly researched various strategies to shake off histories of oppression and problematic mechanisms. 

“an imperfect utopia” is an immersive theater evening in which performers and spectators draw close to one another. An exploration of a queer utopia beyond the here and now: “an imperfect utopia” is a hybrid of liberation and camp, of intimate confessions, queer theory and private enlightenment, of lies and truths, of various languages and their moments of failure – an evening in which impossible dreams emerge in all their extravagant glory!

This production marks the first joint production created in the artistic partnership between TR Warszawa and the Munich Kammerspiele. Both theaters are committed to experimental exploration of new forms as well as contemporary material. “Die Wirklichkeit nicht in Ruhe lassen” – „do not leave reality alone“ – is the motto with which the Kammerspiele’s new artistic directing team began their work in 2020. “an imperfect utopia” is also a part of TR Warszawa’s season called “turn on the full spectrum” programmed as well along queer culture topics.

Noémi Ola Berkowitz, director, (she/they) studied acting and psychology at Stanford University and works in German, Polish and English. Awards include the Eleanor Prosser Prize for Excellence in Theater (2016) and the Theatre Bay Area Award for Outstanding Acting Ensemble of a Play (2014). First directing works in California (“Proof”, “The Vagina Monologues”). Noémi wrote and directed the following pieces since moving to Europe: „Epilogue“ (2017, English Theater Berlin), „Movement of Freedom“ (2018, Studio Я of the Maxim Gorki Theater), „a face to the story in the newspaper…“ (2019, Jewish-Polish Festival „Festivalt“ in Kraków). 2021 residency at the Sopot Non-Fiction Theater Festival. Noémi’s production “an imperfect utopia”, a co-production with TR Warszawa and the Munich Kammerspiele, premieres in 2022. 

photo: Judith Buss

Read an excerpt from the script…


directed by: Noémi Ola Berkowitz

text: Martyna Wawrzyniak, Noémi Ola Berkowitz, including Tomasz Tyndyk‘s story

stage design: Mirjam Pleines

costume design: Florian Buder

music: Trace Polly Müller

light design: Charlotte Marr (Mk), Daniel Sanjuan Ciepielewski (TR)

video: Jake Witlen

dramaturge: Viola Hasselberg, Rania Mleihi, Martyna Wawrzyniak

assistant director: Claudia Kaunzner

directing and dramaturgy intern: Carolin Bernklau

stage design intern: Mara Yakuba

costume design intern: Liz Bromberger

stage manager: Stefanie Rendtorff

director’s assistant at TR Warszawa: Wojtek Sobolewski

surtitles: Yvonne Griesel

technical production management: Jonas Pim Simon

artistic production management: Angelika Koch

artistic production management Warsaw: Magda Igielska


  • The latest premiere by TR Warszawa, co-produced by the prestigious Munich
    Kammerspiele, is promoted with a series of questions that perfectly reflect the overall feel of
    the performance. Even though „Imperfect utopia” tackles very serious issues, the production is as light and delicate as the songs performed during the show. It does not push, overwhelm or entrap – it opens one up, familiarizes the audience with the issues at hand and gives them a lot of space.
    The strength of the performance lies in the closeness of the performers, also literal
    closeness, because the space is not divided into the stage and audience area, there’s a bar,
    rainbow candies are floating around.
    Tomasz Tyndyk’s genius, queer and infused with longing rendition of “Boys” Sabrina will stay
    with me forever.

    Aneta Kyzioł, Polityka
  • This international team created a performative event different from everything that
    has been created in Polish theatre so far. The greatest strengths of this show are
    courage, unpretentiousness and truly bodacious acting, where the traditional acting
    craft is complemented with an openness to go way beyond.

    Przemek Gulda, guldapoleca

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