An adaptation of the 1992 book by Austrian writer Robert Schneider, set in the 19th century.

  • Marszałkowska 8
  • Spektakl w ramach Baltic Transfer* Festival

Brother of sleep (Miego brolis) – performance and meeting

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  • Director

     Adomas Juška

  • Premiere

    January 31, 2020

  • Production

    Jaunimo Teatras (Vilnius)

  • Duration

    1 h 40 min.

  • Tickets

    regular – 50 zł
    concessionery – 30 zł

  • Language

    LT, with PL subtitles

Meeting with creators

After the performance, a meeting with the director of the play, Adomas Juška, and the Jaunimo Teatras ensemble will be held at the Kawałyk sztuki cafe around 10:00 pm.
Admission is free.

From the director

The performance is about a man of particular sensitivity – Johannes Elias Alder, about his relationship with love, music and death. About a person who lives, feels and eventually dies without any compromise. About a person who is able to receive music immediately, as well as the world around him, which he perceives and hears as music. This may not be possible in reality, but that is what I want to talk about – something that is impossible. About impossible sensitivity, impossible love. It is not an accident that Elias plays the organ, not some other instrument – the purpose of the organ has always been religious, spiritual. Human life and destiny also sometimes obey musical laws rather than any other. Each person “plays” a certain musical piece with their life, thoughts, actions. The question is how much beauty, ideas, feeling and dynamics will be in that piece. Speaking about theatrical expression, when rehearsing with the actors, we try to make music, not dramaturgy, the basis of this performance, so that the very nature of the performance – even the presence and performance of the actors on the stage – would be truly musical.









director: Adomas Juška
music: Vygintas Kisevičius
director’s assistant : Lukas Petrauskas

About the performance

Adaptation of a book by an Austrian writer Robert Schneider from 1992, which takes place in the nineteenth century. The protagonist is a young musician-organist, gifted with exceptional hearing, who hears music in everyday sounds. The title refers to characters from Greek mythology: Hypnos and Thanatos brothers.

Adomas Juška – graduated from the faculty of drama directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (promoter Eimuntas Nekrošius). During his third year at the Academy, Juška debuted with the play Švejk (2018, Jaunimo Teatras, Vilnius), a year later he presented his second work – Fiction (2019, Jaunimo Teatras, Vilnius). In the performances created by Juška, one can notice a deep philosophical contact with the classics of world literature, they are characterized by mature director language – full of reflection, symbols and grotesque.