• Marszałkowska 8
  • Out of repertoire


dir.Wojtek Blecharz
  • Directed by 

    Wojtek Blecharz

  • Premiered

    October 15, 2016

  • Duration

    1 h 45 min (1 intermission)

  • Tickets

    70 PLN – regular

    40 PLN – concessionary

    30 PLN – rush


Please be informed that in the performance strobe and UV lights are used and some of the scenes are very loud. The entire audio frequency range is used.


The subject matter and the hero of “The Soundwork”, the musical performance by Wojtek Blecharz, is sound, telling a story about it through the prism of selected aspects of the twentieth and twenty-first century music, and an attempt to define the basic elements of music such as melody, rhythm and dynamics.

For organized gymnasium and post-gymnasium school groups we offer introductory workshops to the performance (please contact the education department: edukacja@trwarszawa.pl for more details). 

The performance was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the frames of the Collections programme – “Composing Commissions” priority conducted by the Institute of Music and Dance.

From the composer

We all listen to music on a daily basis and hearing is a sense, that is difficult to turn off, yet there is barely any musical education and social discourse on what we listen to and how we listen. The dominance of pop music is also not conducive to the development of auditory imagination. While working on this performance in TR Warszawa I’m trying to share my practice of sound with the actors. For that purpose I use improvisation, composition, we are building instruments or extracting musicality from the items, that seem to have none of it.


Contemporary music is often rejected as being too difficult, because it is not easy to find in it the elements that we all know – such as harmony or melody. Fortunately, music is not limited to a melody and harmony. Modern music, like no other, offers exceptional richness of acoustic colours, intensity, roughness, halftones, whispers and murmurs – it is the richness of these sounds that constitutes the libretto of my performance. Contemporary music – also like no other – allows non-musicians to create pieces of music, allows collective creation of sound and collective music making, which today seems to be a practically forgotten activity.

In one of the scenes of “Dancer in the Dark”, a film by Lars von Trier, Selma, the main character played by Björk, begins to hear music in the sounds of industrial machinery: popping noises, swishes and rasps. In her imagination, everything starts to play and resonate harmoniously. I hope that “The Soundwork” will help us to learn and to name certain sounds and musical phenomena. It will allow us to explore music there, where we haven’t noticed it before and to be “all ears” more often.”

 Wojtek Blecharz


music, libretto, direction: Wojtek Blecharz

costume design: Konrad Parol

choreography: Karol Tymiński

lighting design, video projections: Robert Mleczko

research, DIY workshops: Izabela Smelczyńska

soundesign, production: Jarosław Grzelak

dramaturgy consultations: Roman Pawłowski

director’s assistant: Karolina Gębska

costumorapher’s assistant: Aniela Sieczkowska

video materials: Ewa Łuczak



  • The performance was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the frames of the Collections programme – “Composing Commissions” priority conducted by the Institute of Music and Dance.

The new talents line / Young TR

The performance was produced within the frame of Young TR – one of the elements of the NEW TALENTS LINE programme. TR Warszawa for many years now has been promoting new artistic talents through such projects as:  Warsaw Area [orig.: Teren Warszawa], TR/PL, Field TR [orig.: Teren TR], Young TR [orig.: Młody TR], TR Debut [orig.: Debiut TR], artistic residencies, guest showings of diploma works and performances, repertoire showings of performances co-created by new artists and production of selected projects in cooperation with foreign partners. TR Warszawa provides artistic shelter, where artists may experiment and implement their ideas for theatre.

Within the new talents line in the past artistic seasons, the following directors presented their productions: Wojciech Blecharz (“Soundwork”), Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak (“The Chinese”), Grzegorz Jaremko (“Woyzeck”), Katarzyna Kalwat (“Holzwege”, “Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel”, “Maria Klassenberg. Ecstasies”, “Staff Only” – coproduced by Biennale Warszawa and TR Warszawa), Anna Karasińska (“Ewelina’s Crying” and “Fantasia”), Katarzyna Minkowska (“Stream”), Jędrzej Piaskowski (“Puppenhaus. Treatment”, “David Is Going To Israel”), Piotr Trojan (“Grind/r”), Magda Szpecht (“The Possibility of an Island”, “Always Coming Home”), and Małgorzata Wdowik (“The Footballers” and “Fear”).