• ATM Studio

The Martyrs

dir.Grzegorz Jarzyna
  • Directed by 

    Grzegorz Jarzyna

  • Dramaturgy

    Roman Pawłowski

  • Premiered

    March 14, 2015

  • Duration

     2 h (no intermission)

  • Tickets

    Normal ticket: 80 PLN
    Concessionary ticket: 65 PLN
    Normal group ticket (over 10 people): 70 PLN
    Concessionary group ticket (over 10 people): 55 PLN


The performance includes some nudity.


Europe lives in fear, for the first time since the totalitarian era. What do we fear? The Others, who will come and destroy our values, lifestyle and security. The radical religious movements that want to control the lives of individuals and the entire populations. The economic crisis that hits families and nations and undermines a sense of stability. Turning towards the principles of faith seems to be the answer to these fears. They are supposed to provide the steady foundations to build life among the shifting sands. To separate good from evil, the moral from the immoral.


However, what if faith turns into dogmatism? What if it becomes the sword, that cuts a man, a family, a community? What if idealism leads to religious fanaticism?Co jednak, gdy wiara zamienia się w dogmatyzm? Kiedy staje się mieczem, który przecina człowieka, rodzinę, wspólnotę? Kiedy idealistyczne pobudki prowadzą do religijnego fanatyzmu?


“Do not fear” – proclaims Lidka, the protagonist of Grzegorz Jarzyna’s play. The middle school student seeks in the Bible answers to her fears and the questions of her identity and the meaning of life. Her fader is worried by the sudden change in her interests and behavior. Her teachers and peers are no longer able to understand her. However, for Lidka, the opinions of others do not count. There is only one goal and one truth for which everything else must be sacrificed. Where does such determination come from? How does the religious extremism come to life? What is faith for a modern man/woman? Where is its place within the liberal system? What is it that today’s Europe fears? What is it that we fear?

For organized post-gymnasium school groups we offer introductory workshops to the performance (please contact the education department: edukacja@trwarszawa.pl for more details).


Direction, adaptation and musical arrangement: Grzegorz Jarzyna

text: Marius von Mayenburg

translation: Elżbieta Ogrodowska-Jesionek

set design: Monika Pormale

costumes: Anna Nykowska

światła: Felice Ross

video: Robert Mleczko

music: Michał Lis, Piotr Lis

musical arrangement: Piotr Domiński

dramaturgy: Roman Pawłowski

director’s assistant: Paweł Kulka

consultations regarding Bible quotes: prof. Tadeusz Bartoś


fot. Paweł Królikiewicz


  • One of the greatest virtues of the remarkable performance directed by Jarzyna, is that it doesn’t push me into a camp of antireligious mockers.”

    Tadeusz Sobolewski, Gazeta Wyborcza
  • “After watching “The Martyrs” I am confident that Jarzyna doesn’t need today any labels. It doesn’t matter if some people find in his current theatre traces of the old instigator or, quite the opposite, they call him the new classic, a conservative. Jarzyna is on his own path, more than ever impervious to any external whispers and ideology-based attacks.”

    Jacek Wakar, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna
  • “Lidka is more of a mystic than a crusader. We can see her in the scenes of long, fervent prayers. Wasilewska, one of the most interesting actresses of the young generation, has a subtle but also strong and intensive stage presence. Her looks resemble saints from the gothic paintings and her acting – characters from Bruno Dumont’s movies.”

    Witold Mrozek, Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Copyrights to “The Martyrs” drama are represented in Poland by Agencja ADiT Elżbieta Manthey