Robert Bolesto


dir. Małgorzata Wdowik

    The play by Małgorzata Wdowik and the team draws inspiration from classical horror movies, while creating their its unique world in which primary fears meet the latest technologies. Thanks to the innovative sound, the viewer can immerse himself in the world of nightmare created on stage.

    "Fear" is an attempt to reach the sources of our own fears. The creators look for them in folk and pop culture stories, in family memories and political experiences. They build a reality between fantasy and dreams, in which the fight for your fear becomes the most important. If you know that there is a terrifying SOMETHING somewhere out there, you can not be deceived. You control instead of being controlled. You decide who is in charge of fear. Do not be scared to be scared!

    from the creators of the performance: 

    In the world of fear the dominant story is dystopia. We get to know the world of horrors, which are the result of an irresponsible policy of a given community. From family to society. Nobody has ever been blameless. Everyone suffers the same. Fear of such a future is overwhelming.

In order for anxiety to discipline an individual, it is enough to be consistent in dosing the stimuli that triggers the worst nightmares: Act in such a way that it never happens again. Never talk to a stranger. Do not step out of line. Run away!Fear is a virus that does not let you forget about it. On the one hand, the total loss of control, on the other - complicated narratives from fairy tale to horror, which maintain the status quo. After all, it's easier to get scared of a monster out of a legendary horror movie than admit to being paralyzed by something that no one can see. Fear is common and most often managed from the outside so that no one can feel safe. If you feed on fear, you are part of a larger structure. If you are afraid like others, you will never be alone. If you know that SOMETHING is living somewhere, you can not be deceived. You control instead of being controlled. You decide who rules fear. You are taming it and you are aware that this beautiful dream can end at any time: 

    Who woke me up - asked the god
This child woke you up
Who scared me
This child here has awakened you, and this child scared you


    This child disturbed your sleep.

    Bring it to me (...)*

    *Babylonian lullaby 



    • Małgorzata Wdowikdirector
    • Robert Bolestotext
    • Joanna Ostrowskadramaturgy
    • Tomasz Mrózset design
    • Dominika Olszowycostumes and video
    • Katarzyna Szczerbasound director
    • Aleksandr Prowalińskilight design
    • Malwina Szumacherdirector's assistant
    • Małgorzata Nawrockaset design assistant
    • Krzysztof Bagińskivideo operator
    • Ramona Nagabczyńskachoreographic consultation
    • Karolina Gębskastage manager
    • Katarzyna Białachproduction manager



    Patrons of the theater