Artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland will take part in a discussion on contemporary theater.

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Baltic Theatre Today – discussion

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  • Where

    Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute

  • Lead

    Roman Pawłowski

  • Participants

    Valters Sīlis, director /LV/
    Matīss Gricmanis, playwright, actor /LV/
    Laura Stašāne, curator /LV/
    Elmar Senkov, director /LV/
    Audronis Liuga, Director of Jaunimo Teatras /LT/
    Liisi Aibel, Estonian Theatre Agency /EST/
    Jan Dravnel, actor TR Warszawa /PL/

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About discussion

What is the characteristics of  Baltic theatre? What are pros and cons of making theatre on the periphery? How is the Eastern European theatre influenced by the history, including the post-Soviet past? How do the artists see their autonomy in times of growing political pressure promoting national values? What is the impact of pandemic on theatre life and what are the perspectives for the post-pandemic theatre? Theatremakers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland will join the open discussion on contemporary theatre and its social-political environment.

From the moderator

 What connects and what divides the theatre of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia? How important is national identity for theatre practitioners? What is the role of the post-Soviet heritage and the influence of accession to the European Union on theatre? These problems and topics will be discussed during debate Baltic Theatre Today with actors, directors and curators from three Baltic countries. The title of our festival refers to “transfer”, that is why we would like to talk about the possibility of such “transfer” of values, ideas, messages, between countries, systems and cultures. What do we gain and what we lose in the cultural transfer? 

Roman Pawłowski