• Marszałkowska 8
  • Special event

Displaced – The finale

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  • Author

    Daria Kubisiak


  • Director

    Olga Ciężkowska

  • Tickets

    10 PLN

  • When

    27 May 2022, 19:00

  • Where

    TR Warszawa / Marszałkowska 8

About reading

The proposed dramatic composition tells a story, or a displaced memory, about a girl who caught the eye of an older friend of her brother.  And the boy caught her eye too.

The proposed dramatic composition is a text about dissociative amnesia caused by sexual violence, or – if you prefer – about a traumatic experience, or – if you prefer – about a sex crime against the girt, or – if you prefer – about sexual violation of the girl, or – if you prefer – about rape, or – if you prefer – about abuse, or – if you prefer – this text may also be about how an older boy really liked the younger sister of his friend, he liked so much that he couldn’t stop himself and he did something to the little girl that she didn’t want, and he did that not only to her, but to her cousin too.  

But this also may be a piece about an older boy falling in love with the younger sister of his friend, about him wanting to touch her, kiss her, pet her and cherish her.

The proposed dramatic composition may be about sexual abuse but it may also be about the process of telling ourselves about what happened to us, about remembering rather than storytelling, just because it may spark a memory, or just because we like telling stories.

The proposed dramatic composition may also be a favor that someone may ask of you one day:

Please take me to an Equality Parade or to an Independence Day Parade or to a Black Protest or to any other demonstration or protest: “Only tell me the where and I will walk by your side in sunglasses, discreetly wiping tears off your face.”






director: Olga Ciężkowska 

author: Daria Kubisiak 

production: Magda Igielska

choreography: Katarzyna Gorczyca

soundspace: Edka Jarząb