Three compositions by a Vilnius composer Arturas Bumšteinas.

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  • Spektakl w ramach Baltic Transfer* Festival

Stimulus Collapse, 0 Points, So-called space – sound broadcasting

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  • Author

    Arturas Bumšteinas (Lithuania)

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    Free entry ticket

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    Kawałyk sztuki cafe

Curatorial introduction and meeting

At 19:00 the opening of the installation will take place with a curatorial introduction by Michal Mendyk and a meeting with the author, Arturas Bumšteinas.


music: Arturas Bumšteinas
music consultant: Michał Mendyk

About sound broadcasting

Three compositions by a Vilnius composer Arturas Bumšteinas, based on reprocessing of existing pieces. Their character allude to the productions of Muzak – an American label that provided background music for stores, hotels and banks. The sound will be broadcasted in the space of Kawałyk Sztuki Cafe.

Stimulus Collapse (2019) – 43:00

A collection of more than 100 different songs sent by composer’s friends and weaved into an anti-stimulus-progressing collage.

Stimulus Progression is a concept, implemented by the U.S. Muzak corporation in the ‘50s to maintain the pace and mood of background music in order to control the general affect states and maintain productivity of its aural victims.

This collage is both a Shazam challenge and an experimental karaoke exercise: listener is invited to sing along with this mix of instrumental sounds.

0 points (2016) – 14:00

A collage-composition created from instrumental samples sourced from the songs that got zero points in Eurovision Song Contest between years 1962 and 2015.

So-called Space (2015) – 27:00

“So-Called Space” is a collage-composition created from excerpts of various music works that were used in Lithuanian radio theater plays between 1950 and 2001. The music was removed from its original dramatic contexts and layered into complex and sometimes confusing textures. The intention is that the paradoxes of superimposition gain suggestive powers and provoke the listener to imagine the missing dramatic action. Sometimes a brief glimpse of breath or snatch of a voice slips through the stitches of music but it never shows itself in a fully verbal sense. The same is true with the folly sound effects – it seems the theater play will start in a moment but the music suddenly changes and the possibility of drama dissipates.

“So-Called Space” was created with the support of Lithuanian Composers Union in year 2014.

Audio editing assistant – Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater)

Special thanks to Karina Metrikytė (Lithuanian Radio)