• Marszałkowska 8
  • Special event

„I Dreamt I Dreamt”

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  • Direction

    Kamilė Gudmonaitė

  • Dramaturgy

    Teklė Kavtaradze

  • Polish dubbing direction

    Jan Dravnel

  • When

    June 26 and 27, 2021

  • Duration

    50 min

  • Where

    8 Marszałkowska St., Warsaw

  • Tickets

    20 PLN – regular

    15 PLN – concessionary

About the performance

The sound installation “I Dreamt I Dreamt” was originally presented at the State Youth Theatre in Vilnius. It consists of a multi-channel sound transmission, without the participation of performers. It is a documentary project based on the testimonies of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment and the statements of family members of their brutally murdered victims. The Polish version of the installation will be presented at TR Warszawa as a prologue to the Baltic Transfer * Festival. The director of the audio performance is Kamilė Gudmonaitė, an audiovisual artist from Lithuania, while the playwright is Teklė Kavtaradze, a well-known writer. This will be the premiere of the Polish version of the audio installation by Lithuanian artists, made with the participation of TR Warszawa actors, Magdalena Kuta, Mirosław Zbrojewicz, and Jan Dravnel, who also translated the text and directed the polish dubbing. The installation will be available in both languages, Polish and Lithuanian.


Reżyseria: Kamilė Gudmonaitė
Dramaturgy: Teklė Kavtaradze
Music: Dominykas Digimas
Script translation and Polish dubbing direction: Jan Dravnel


Production: State Youth Theatre, Wilno,

Cooperation in the production of the Polish version: TR Warszawa

The show will be on 26th and 27th June 2021 at Marszałkowska 8. The performances start at 17:00. Each performance take about 50 minutes and each of them will be attended by 30 people.

The Baltic Transfer * Festival project is a joint initiative of Jaunimo Teatras (Vilnius), The New Theater Institute (Riga), Vaba Lava (Tallinn) in cooperation with TR Warszawa. Supported and financed by the Baltic Culture Fund.

The Lithuanian Cultural Institute is a partner of the project.