Is human perspective the only possible one?

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2020: The Tempest

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  • Premiere

    November 27th, 2020

  • Duration

    3 hours (with intermission)

  • Tickets

    The starting price of a ticket on the first day of sale will be 40 PLN, depending on attendance, the price can reach a maximum of 150 PLN.
    Concessionary ticket: 45 PLN


The performance uses smoke machines and strobe lights.

Is human perspective the only possible one?

Based on William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

The story is quite simple: a high (or not so high) profile female or male is forced to quit her / his position, power, city and country where she / he lives. Together with a son / daughter they flee to an island. They will live there for over twelve years. By chance (or as a result of a storm) a group of her/his old acquaintances end up (or not) on the same island. People, who have saved (or not) her/his life and those, who have engineered (or not) her/his downfall.  
Professor Tadeusz Sławek in his book “NICowanie świata. Zdania z Szekspira” [“Turning the World Inside OUT. The Phrases from Shakespeare“] writes that in an attempt to “think a human” one has to extract a person from his/her customarily assigned place and transfer him/her to a totally different place. This is also how William Shakespeare poses his questions; he repeats the act of expulsion: expulsion from paradise, expulsion from a city (“The Tempest”), expulsion from life, expulsion from a family (“King Lear”), expulsion from a country (“Coriolanus”). Without the circumstances of “being exiled”, one cannot “think a human”.
What does “to think a human anew” mean nowadays, when the only available tools to carry out this process are instruments created by humans in all their imperfection, based on knowledge and imagination – both having its source in the most imperfect instrument: human memory?  
Is human perspective the only possible one?


Direction: Grzegorz Jarzyna
Adaptation and text: Grzegorz Jarzyna, Weronika Murek
Set design: Fabien Lédé
Make-up and costume design: Anna Axer Fijałkowska
Music: Piotr Kurek
Video design: Marek Kozakiewicz
Lighting design Aleksandr Prowaliński
Choreography: Ivan Estegneev

Sound design: Piotr Domiński, Piotr Kurek
Artificial intelligence programming : Paweł Wawrzyński
3D animtions: Kacper Shikeli
2D visualizations: Oliwia Szanajca-Kossakowska
3D animations: 3DMaster, Krystian Parol
Director’s assistant: Katarzyna Gawryś
Scenographer’s assistant: Olga Papacz
Costumographer’s assistant: Karolina Bramowicz, Olga Mazur

  • Used in the performance:

    Fragments of “Walden, or Life in the Woods” by H.D. Thoreau (translated by Halina Cieplicka).

  • Quotes from the following works are used in the script:

    C. Malaparte, “Sodoma e Gomorra” (translated by J. Popiel)
    St. Kubrick, P. Sellers, T. Southern, P. George, “Dr. Strangelove, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” (translated by Karol Ruciński)
    F. O’Connor, “Mystery and Manners” (translated by M. Kołbukowski)

About the performance

2020: THE TEMPEST is a story that has many variants – created by an artificial intelligence that continuously learns*. Various possible scenarios of what could have happened and what actually happened are superimposed on the story presented on stage in a manner that imitates workings of a human memory.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) software designed specifically for the performance will collect information and opinions from the crew and audience (people watching the performance in TR Warszawa/ATM Studio and streamed online through TR Online platform) on a real-time basis – from short surveys filled by them before the performance. Based on the collected information, system will decide on the sequence of scene variations, type of music and lighting.

This artificial neural network is created by humans. Based on the survey results from the audience and feedback provided by the crew and performers, the AI program will perfect its skills. Consequently, it will enhance the reality of “2020: The Tempest”.

We invite you to participate in the creation of theatrical artificial intelligence!


photos: Monika Stolarska


Production manager: Magda Igielska
Stage manager: Aleksandra Śliwińska
Sound operators: Jakub Sapka, Miłosz Pawłowski, Jerzy Szelewicz, Jan Gnass
Video operator: Marcin Metelski
Cameraman: Łukasz Jara
Light operators: Daniel Sanjuan Ciepielewski, Kacper Stykowski
Make-up artist: Milena Jura, Dominika Zatońska
Wardrobe: Elżbieta Kołtonowicz, Teresa Rutkowska
Stage brigadier: Łukasz Winkowski
Prop master: Grzegorz Zielski

Technical manager: Sebastian Kuźma
Set construction specialist: Tomasz Ciężarek
Carpenter: Tadeusz Tomaszewski
Locksmith: Tomasz Ciężarek
Video edition: Mariusz Basiak, Mariusz Gajdak, Piotr Gromek, Marcin Puanecki, Tomasz Trojanowski, Andrzej Tuszewicz, Łukasz Winkowski, Grzegorz Zielski
Construction of decorations: Mariusz Basiak, Tomasz Ciężarek, Mariusz Gajdak, Piotr Gromek, Marcin Puanecki, Tadeusz Tomaszewski, Tomasz Trojanowski, Łukasz Winkowski, Kacper Stykowski, Daniel Sanjuan Ciepielewski, Konrad Kajak, Łukasz Jara, Adrian Hutyriak, Jakub Sapka, Jerzy Szelewicz, Miłosz Pawłowski

Support from the COVID-19 Counteract Fund.