• Marszałkowska 8


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  • Directed by

    Grzegorz Jaremko

  • Dramaturgy

    Marcin Cecko

  • Premiered

    May 10,  2019

  • Duration

    1 h 30 min (no intermission)

  • Tickets

    Normal ticket: 70 PLN
    Concessionary ticket: 50 PLN


The performance is recommended for adult audiences. If you have any questions please contact education department: edukacja@trwarszawa.pl


Grzegorz Jaremko’s production is inspired by a drama written by Georg Büchner – a 19th century German revolutionary, writer and naturalist. “Woyzeck’s” plot draws upon a true story of a young murderer from Leipzig. Büchner portrayed him with great compassion, depicting his protagonist as the victim of the cruel and soulless society that tramples everyone who doesn’t fit its norms. However, the dramatist didn’t finish telling Woyzeck’s story – only fragments of the play were found after Büchner’s death. Despite, or perhaps due to this flaw, Woyzeck has been seducing theatre and opera artists since the previous century.

Grzegorz Jaremko’s take on this revolutionary play focuses on masculine identity. In his interpretation the protagonist is accompanied by some buddies from the hood – a garage band. The dramatic conflict is not about the clash of social classes, but the confrontation of various ways of shaping, testing and expressing masculinity. In this coming-of-age story, macho energy collides with a softer, more sensual and slightly diffused masculinity. Woyzeck’s embarrassment and fear of the initiation find an outlet in the virtual world, where the protagonist experiments with his body and appearance. When virtual experiments don’t bring the release, a crime in the real world is committed. Provocation takes place in a fusty garage, or perhaps in a boy’s room with a lake view.

Büchner’s unfinished play becomes a pretext for posing some questions about today’s male identity.

Do we have initiation rituals modelled after the warriors‘ coming-of-age ceremonies of the old tribes?
To what cultural masculinity models do we have access today?
What is the relationship between a man’s masculinity and his physiology?
Where is the space for rebellion against the stereotype of a man?
Is it possible to design a new masculinity?

The performance was produced with the support provided by the Danuta Szflarska Foundation. 



direction: Grzegorz Jaremko

dramaturgy: Marcin Cecko

translation: Sława Lisiecka

set design: Natalia Giza

costume design: Rafał Domagała

lighting design and video: Marek Kozakiewicz, Adam Lipiński

music: Bartosz Dziadosz


photo by Marcin Oliva Soto


director’s assistant: Malwina Szumacher

stenographer’s assistant: Magdalena Kujawa, Julia Makówka

musical cooperation: Piotr Domiński

stage manager: Wojciech Sobolewski

production manager: Magda Igielska


  • „This is a light-hearted but at the same time deep story about growing up and the upheaval that accompanies this stage in human life. It is full of punk teen energy of a young man thorn between his band mates and an overprotective mother, hormones and studying, gym and poetry. Great performance by the actors playing the teenagers and an exceptional debut from a Mateusz Górski, who only just closed the teenager phase of his life and still can call himself a student.”

    Przemek Gulda, guldapoleca
  • “’Woyzeck’ directed by Grzegorz Jaremko is an amazingly authentic performance. It’s a therapeutic perspective for the youth and a nostalgic throwback to adolescence for the older audience. The worst kind of a fight with oneself – a shadow without an established form yet.”

    Anna Łukasik, Dwutygodnik
  • „The hottest performance of this season (all tickets sold out) is a work intended for a much younger audience than I. These choices are depressingly far behind me, but I’ve watched the play with interest and I’ve let the energy to sweep me away.”

    Anna Łukasik, Dwutygodnik


Special thanks to:
Mariusz Białecki, Marta and Witold Drożdż, Grażyna and Janusch Ewert, Katarzyna Fabiańska, Małgorzata Górska, Leszek Janusz, Beata and Mirosław Kępowicz, Anna and Marcin Klammer, Wojciech Konwisarz, Beata Kossakowska and Dariusz Kossakowski, Aleksandra Kralkowska, Lidia Dziurzyńska-Leipert and Thorsten Leipert, Aleksandra Okońska and Paweł Okoński, Magdalena Olczak and Piotr Nowicki, Sebastian Parol, Kinga and Ireneusz Piecuch, Piotr Puczyński, Agnieszka Sozańska, Monika and Michał Stępień, Małgorzata Szymańska, Maria and Robert Wcislik, Zofia Witucka and Maciej Witucki, Aleksandra Zapart

  • The following companies provided help in the organization of the premiere:

  • Technological partner:

  • Copyright to the translation by Sława Lisiecka is represented in Poland by the ADiT agency.

    Songs by the “Gówno” band are used in the performance.

The new talents line/TR debut

The performance was produced within the frame of TR DEBUT Award, established in November 2015 in TR Warszawa. The award is announced annually at the Young Directors Forum in Cracow held by the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow. The award programme is intended to support artistic development of young theatre creators. Directors awarded the prize are invited to stage a performance in TR Warszawa in the following theatre season.

So far, within the TR DEBUT programme the following performances have been produced:  “Puppenhaus. Treatment” based on Magda Fertacz’s text, directed by Jędrzej Piaskowski (2017), “The Chinese” inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s movie scripts and Dostoyevsky’s “Demons”, directed by Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak (2018), “Woyzeck” by Georg Büchner, directed by Grzegorz Jaremko (2019), “STREAM” text by Katarzyna Minkowska and Tomasz Walesiak, directed by Katarzyna Minkowska (2020).

TR Debut is one of the elements of the NEW TALENTS LINE programme. TR Warszawa for many years now has been promoting new artistic talents through such projects as:  Warsaw Area [orig.: Teren Warszawa], TR/PL, Field TR [orig.: Teren TR], Young TR [orig.: Młody TR], TR Debut [orig.: Debiut TR], artistic residencies, guest showings of diploma works and performances, repertoire showings of performances co-created by new artists and production of selected projects in cooperation with foreign partners. TR Warszawa provides artistic shelter, where artists may experiment and implement their ideas for theatre. 

Within the NEW TALENTS LINE in the past artistic seasons, the following directors presented their productions: Wojciech Blecharz (“Soundwork”), Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak (“The Chinese”), Grzegorz Jaremko (“Woyzeck”), Katarzyna Kalwat (“Holzwege”, “Rechnitz. Opera – The Exterminating Angel”, “Maria Klassenberg. Ecstasies”, “Staff Only” – coproduced by Biennale Warszawa and TR Warszawa), Anna Karasińska (“Ewelina’s Crying” and “Fantasia”), Katarzyna Minkowska (“Stream”), Jędrzej Piaskowski (“Puppenhaus. Treatment”, “David Is Going To Israel”), Piotr Trojan (“Grind/r”), Magda Szpecht (“The Possibility of an Island”, “Always Coming Home”), and Małgorzata Wdowik (“The Footballers” and “Fear”).

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